What is the impact of cybersecurity on companies in the Belux?

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Proximus NXT, together with its IT partners, polled the findings, approach and intentions of our companies in the field of cybersecurity. Wouter Vandenbussche, Product Owner Cybersecurity at Proximus NXT shares three striking observations.

1. In 2023, one in three companies dealt with at least one cybersecurity incident

30% of respondents experienced a cybersecurity incident in 2023. It’s obviously good news that the number of malicious attacks was not greater than the previous year. At the same time, the amount of about one in three still remains high. Furthermore, there’s nothing to suggest that 2024 will see a decline in incidents.

Large organizations most often fall prey to hackers, but the incidence is also high in smaller companies. Thus, this research confirms that cybercriminals spare no organization and compel every company to be vigilant and take the necessary proactive and reactive measures.

2. More than half of organizations experience a skill and knowledge gap…

Experts in cybersecurity are in high demand. The ‘talent war’ still rages fiercely, often making the necessary competencies unattainable. Moreover, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) requires additional specialties in the field of cybersecurity. How to attract and retain such multi-skilled individuals is far from obvious. More than half of the respondents experience a shortage of specialized cybersecurity experts. That number rose significantly from the previous year.

"More than half of respondents experience a shortage of specialized cybersecurity experts. That number increased significantly from the previous year."

Wouter Vandenbussche, Product Owner Cybersecurity Proximus NXT

3. ... but our companies express their intention to address the problem

More and more companies rely on awareness campaigns, but it doesn’t stop there.

Curious about how they are addressing the problem and how are the cybersecurity budgets are evolving?

Goed om weten: Proximus NXT is door het Vlaams Agentschap voor Innovatie en Ondernemen (VLAIO) erkend als officiële cybersecuritydienstverlener. Wanneer u zich inschrijft voor een cybersecurity-verbetertraject, hebt u recht op een subsidie tot maximaal 50%.

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