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The world in the year 2030 and beyond: what will it look like? The way we work, the way we live or the way we transport ourselves. Living Tomorrow sees no question marks but a canvas to paint with dreams and visions of the future. That canvas is the new Digital Experience Center in Living Tomorrow's Innovation Campus, where you can discover it all.

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The Digital Experience Center can be visited by reservation only. For non-professional tours, time slots are provided which can be booked via our online booking system below.

    • Adults €25 including VAT
    • Students and people under 18 €15 including VAT
    • Discounted groups (people with disabilities and pensioners) €20 including VAT

What can you expect?

Behind the scenes of our Digital Experience Center

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Visit Living Tomorrow in Virtual Reality


Looking at the future through rose-coloured glasses? Or would you rather have digital ones? You can now discover the Innovation Campus with Virtual Reality.

What can you expect?

Marc Clement

Complement your visit with a delicious dinner at SAPOR

Indulge in an unparalleled culinary odyssey orchestrated by our esteemed chef, Marc Clement. Perched regally on the 12th floor of the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, the chef's table offers stunning views of the vibrant capital city. SAPOR promises an unforgettable dining experience in the cozy ambiance of the Miele Cooking Lab.

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Conclude or start your visit with a stay at the voco™ Brussels City North hotel

Discover what hospitality looks like during your stay at voco™ Brussels City North, the first of its kind in Belgium. Located at the new Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, voco™ offers you a broad range of hospitality services that symbolise the future of hospitality. Innovation has never been so comfortable!

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