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Join our BWT water home club and receive a €10 discount voucher for your next purchase!

Be part of the Best Water Home Club!

Would you like to receive information about drinking water? Would you prefer to be the first to know about the latest swimming pool products? Or perhaps you are more interested in learning about innovative water treatment solutions for your home or building... BWT has it all!

Being a club member, you'll be the first to hear about new products and exclusive promotions and benefits.

As Europe’s leading water technology company, BWT offers a wide range of innovative products and technologies for a variety of applications. From private households to industrial sites, public facilities, swimming pools, the hotel & hospitality sector and hospitals. You’ll find BWT wherever you come into contact with water.

Furthermore, with all our products and technologies, we make a statement: without water, there is neither life nor survival. Sustainability, social responsibility and the conscious use of limited resources are an elementary part of our DNA.

Join our mission to Change the World, Sip by Sip!

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