C-Fire Launches a World First with the Innovative BIOLINE Fire Extinguisher

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New Solutions for Eco-Friendly Fire Safety

C-Fire, an innovator in eco-friendly fire safety solutions, launches the 'BIOLINE' fire extinguisher. This world first, which recently received the APRAGAZ certification, introduces a completely new approach to safety and sustainability.

As a member of the Cordeel Group, C-Fire is also a partner of the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus. In this living lab, C-Fire's innovations are also presented to the general public.

Extinguishing fires without compromising the environment, a world first developed in Belgium

The 'BIOLINE' fire extinguisher is designed with the future in mind. The product is completely PFAS-free and fully biodegradable, making it a safe choice for both the user and the environment. This innovative extinguishing agent is not only efficient in fighting fires but also ensures that no harmful residues remain after use.

Unlike traditional powder or foam extinguishers, the 'BIOLINE' fire extinguisher, whose contents are fully biodegradable, does not need to be refilled after a few years. After use, the fire extinguisher does not need to be disposed of by a specialised company for disassembly and recycling or destruction of the foam or powder. The contents are simply biodegradable and have no expiration date. This avoids unnecessary transport and waste, further contributing to reducing environmental impact. This launch is the result of a passion for innovation and the strong commitment of the Cordeel Group to prioritise sustainability.

'In Belgium, we are required as a company to equip ourselves with fire extinguishers. But did you know that most foam extinguishers in our Belgian companies contain PFAS? We don’t want that. It is our mission and our passion: extinguish the flames, not the future.'

Inge Laureyns, CEO.

BIOLINE goes beyond being fluorine-free

Following the GREENLINE, C-Fire's fluorine-free foam extinguisher, the BIOLINE marks an important next step towards a more sustainable world.

“We clean fire brigade test sites, contaminated by PFAS with hemp through our company C-Biotech, and now with C-Fire, we also offer the possibility to make ordinary fire extinguishers completely PFAS-free and even BIO. We are introducing not just products. We are bringing a new concept in firefighting and safety,” says Inge Laureyns, CEO. “Our Control Fire sprays and this completely natural fire extinguisher are proof of our dedication and passion for innovation, safety, and the planet.”

With its ability to efficiently extinguish fires in the most critical situations, the BIOLINE is suitable for fire classes A and F, making it an essential tool for a wide range of fire scenarios. “From household kitchens to industrial environments, parking garages, airport buildings, indoors or outdoors, and down to -20 degrees Celsius, the BIOLINE is ready to provide safety without chemical additives. Compared to traditional extinguishers, the BIOLINE stands out with its stronger cooling and delaying effect, offering better protection against fire reignition. We are proud to finally share this innovation with the outside world,” adds Boris Bodjulak, R&D Director.

With this launch, C-Fire triggers an ecological revolution in fire safety.

Additional information:

BIOLINE is not the only innovation that C-Fire is bringing to the market. CONTROL FIRE sprays represent the next level of fire safety at home, even for those without specialised knowledge.

CONTROL FIRE is not just a product; it stands for a paradigm shift in firefighting technology. Designed for ease of use and unparalleled effectiveness, CONTROL FIRE offers a spray that enables individuals to tackle small fires without specialised knowledge. Safe for people, animals, and the environment, this biodegradable and PFAS-free spray ensures quick and safe suppression of various types of fires.

Its unique ultra-cooling effect ensures that not only the fire is extinguished, but also any potential reignition is prevented, thereby avoiding greater damage.

Furthermore, CONTROL FIRE is a versatile tool that goes beyond home use. Control Fire offers practical utility in various professional scenarios while ensuring environmental responsibility. With its compact size, easy application, and proven efficiency, CONTROL FIRE can be quickly deployed to extinguish small fires in warehouses, on machinery, in office environments (e.g., brush cutters, engine overheating, laptop, phone, or even bicycle batteries, etc.).

Thus, CONTROL FIRE redefines firefighting for modern times: compact, quickly deployable, and suitable for all fire classes at their early stages.

Our commitment to safety and sustainability is supported by the following certificates: BIOLINE: Ecotoxicological Report • Biodegradability Report

CONTROL FIRE SPRAYS: Ecotoxicological Report • Biodegradability Report • Efficiency Testimonial Report (ACEG)

For more information, visit their website. www.c-fire.eu

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