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Hansgrohe imagined the most sustainable bathroom in the world, a bathroom that functions almost without water : the Hansgrohe’s Green Vision Beyond Water: Rethinking Bathroom Culture.

The Hansgrohe Green Vision Beyond Water is a radical reinterpretation of the bathroom.

  • 90 % less water,
  • 90 % less energy,
  • and thus 90 % less CO2 emissions in the bathroom!

We all love to take a warm shower. It makes up for the cold atmosphere that many bathrooms have. The water provides a feeling of security and retreat. But we can no longer afford all the water, already today, many regions around the world are suffering from a serious water crisis. The current energy crisis teaches us the consequences of resources becoming scarce and expensive. Many of us are working hard every day to meet the 2030 climate targets despite knowing it will not be enough.

Hansgrohe imagined the most sustainable bathroom in the world, a bathroom that functions almost without water : the Hansgrohe’s Green Vision Beyond Water: Rethinking Bathroom Culture. It’s the the result when an interdisciplinary team of Hansgrohe innovators and designers from PHOENIX put their heads together for two years.

The solution: regeneration with nearly no water

People's need for wellness clearly competes with the growing need to conserve water – an inner conflict for everyone. For this reason, Hansgrohe separate hygiene and well-being in their vision of the bathroom of the future. It allows unlimited regeneration without nearly any water.

The concept of "Hansgrohe's Green Vision Beyond Water: Rethinking Bathroom Culture" focuses on planet-centric design: how can consumption be reduced to conserve increasingly scarce water and energy resources? How can the CO2 balance of a bathroom be brought as close to zero as possible over its average 20-year service life? The Green Vision also considers the user perspective, promoting separate hygiene and well-being for unlimited, virtually waterless regeneration. Therefore, this Hansgrohe Green Vision consists of two areas: the BASE and the SPHERE

BASE - the area for physical hygiene.

BASE is the new conceptual platform for personal hygiene. The 10-liter shower with ph-neutralized water enables head and body showers with virtually no shampoo or shower gel. The user knows at any time how much water is still available for showering: the darker the light in the shower head, the less water remains. The shower water is collected and used for flushing the toilet.

The new, visionary wash station has three jet types: a non-heated mist jet for the majority of wash station procedures (washing hands, washing face) and one heated and one non-heated mono jet each for "small body hygiene". The desired jet type is started by a sensor on the arc. It stops automatically as soon as the hand is no longer in the jet.

The new separating toilet with a swiveling lid is a visionary invention that separates feces and urine, thereby reducing the amount of flushing water needed. It is flushed with the collected shower water. Thanks to its bidet function, the toilet does not require toilet paper, which makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, a total of around 55,000 liters of virtual water can be saved, which is used in the production of toilet paper.

SPHERE - the area for mental hygiene.

The SPHERE is a mental retreat with a flexible dome armchair that invites relaxation. The dome creates a multi-sensory experience through light, sounds, and warm water vapor with essential oils. The experience can be intensified or relaxed by opening or closing the dome. The interior is made from circular economy materials such as aluminum extracted from ocean saltwater and recycled wood. Green Vision is a concept study with technical innovations already incorporated into AXOR and hansgrohe products. Some elements are still fictional due to legal regulations.

The concept of sustainability is a topic of great importance in today's world. It is important to think about what the future should look like in order to take care of our planet. Hansgrohe is leading the way in sustainability by incorporating innovative technologies such as EcoSmart and CoolStart into their products. Furthermore, Hansgrohe has recently begun using a new type of ABS plastic that is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastics. These efforts demonstrate that a commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and doing its part to protect our planet for future generations.

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