How sustainability and hygiene put even more beauty into travel

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Gentle to nature, gentle to the skin. High-quality hotel amenities contribute to well-being and play an important role in creating memorable moments while travelling. Away from home, guests expect not only carefully chosen brands and designs, but also products that are sustainable and safe. ADA Cosmetics meets these demands with its expertise and proven dispenser systems, such as the squeeze dispenser SmartCare, as well as a new pump dispenser that sets out to revolutionise the dispenser market.

Shaping guest experience, meeting industry needs

Imagine a world without small portions in the hotel bathroom. Imagine a world where hotel amenities are made of 90 per cent or more natural ingredients. Imagine a world full of hotel guests avoiding plastic waste. Following global trends, the hotel industry is becoming more and more environmentally friendly. We are already seeing a shift in decision-making towards more eco-conscious options – which means that innovation and change are very positively received.

The trend is clear: to support more environmentally conscious travel. This could include hotels considering and offering options that are easier to recycle, or made from biodegradable materials. Or switching from small portions to dispenser solutions, which is not only good for the environment. Dispensers – such as ADA Cosmetics’ Bauhaus-inspired cylindrical SmartCare system – can also add a beautiful design accent to a hotel bathroom. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and to replace, helping to save precious housekeeping time.

Innovative dispenser solutions like SmartCare are proven to deliver a 75% reduction in plastic waste compared to small portions – an average reduction of 3.5 kg per hotel room, per year. Imagine the potential savings if the 21+ million hotel rooms worldwide were all converted to dispenser systems!

Conscious choices, trip by trip

The skincare expertise of ADA Cosmetics significantly contributes to guest satisfaction. Crafted from responsibly sourced ingredients and rigorously tested, the company’s formulas seamlessly blend exceptional performance with globally recognized environmental credentials. ADA Cosmetics’ body care products offer exactly what today’s discerning travellers seek: beauty, impeccable hygiene, and responsibility in the face of an overburdened environment.

Formulas developed by the market leader are based in natural and plant-based raw materials while avoiding any ingredients of concern. What’s more, ADA Cosmetics is the first and only company in the hospitality industry whose entire product portfolio – more than 30 high-quality brands – is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver.

SmartCare - the world’s most hygienic dispenser system

The SmartCare dispenser system represents the pinnacle of ADA Cosmetics’ remarkable innovations over the past four decades. This eco-friendly dispenser guarantees no dripping, no back contamination, and no wear-out effect, thanks to a patented membrane system now protected by a Safe Lock Seal. With this unique technology, clean dosing is assured, and the contents of the dispenser cannot be contaminated.

The superiority of SmartCare is recognized by a renowned independent institute, the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Scientific analysis carried out by the institute found zero bacteria inside SmartCare dispensers. The dispenser can also be 100% emptied, while the mono-material PP bottle and cap ensure easy recycling. Finally, the unbeatable rapid cartridge exchange of just five seconds supports highly efficient housekeeping.

Every single product from ADA Cosmetics’ wide range of brands and dispensers represents a sustainable commitment, and a lot of passion – from the selection of raw materials to the packaging – enabling travellers to make conscious choices, trip by trip. More about to find on

The innovation hub sees itself as a visionary marketplace of the future, serving as a creative bridge between manufacturers and users.

The impressive building includes, among other things, a restaurant, and the voco™ Brussels City North with 90 rooms, whose bathrooms are equipped according to forward looking criteria. As one of more than 100 partners in the renowned project, ADA Cosmetics – as part of BWT − outfits the bathrooms with The Perfumer’s Garden collection and the forward-thinking dispenser system SmartCare.

Quote Yin Oei, CEO Living Tomorrow, says: “We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with ADA Cosmetics, as part of our esteemed partner BWT. Together we are redefining our guest experience and the future of hospitality.

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